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Bar2 A/S is a subcontractor in the steel industry.
Bar2 A/S develop, produce and optimise individual components and complex steel solutions for the Business-to-Business market in Denmark as well as for selected export markets.
Bar2 A/S has specialized in the cutting, deep-drawing and bending of mainly stainless steel as well as in welding and the development of complex steel constructions for industry.

This includes:
  • Laser cutting with 4000 W
  • Deep-drawing, punching and moulding
  • Edge bending up to 3000 mm
  • Manual and automatic longitudinal, spot, circular and orbital welding as well as MIG-arc and TIG-arc welding
The production is:
  • Furniture industry
  • Car industry
  • Ship industriy
  • Military industry
  • Food industry
  • Electronic industry
We are ready to solve your next assignment for you.

Contact us on phone 3175 7800 or e-mail: bar2@bar2.dk